Monday, 22 May 2017

'Say one thing at a time.

I know, you might not get the microphone back for a while.

And I know, you want to make sure everyone understands precisely what went into your thinking.  Not to mention your desire that everyone who hears you hears something they'd like to hear.

But if you try to say three things, we will hear nothing.  Because most of the time we are hardly listening.

Ads, instructions, industrial design - they all work better when they try to say one thing at a time.'     Seth Godin, business guru.

What's the one thing you need to say today?

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

‘Christians are a disease’.  It is hard to believe that this small group of believers in Nepal had such a bad reputation.  Pastor Kancha Bahadur* and his wife Batuli have just welcomed us into their home and served us a generous lunch of goat curry, water chestnut and rice.  I guess the wider community didn’t yet know them.


When, two years ago, a major earthquake struck, the church responded by providing 50 people with the church as a place to sleep, blankets for warmth and sheeting to start rebuilding their homes. The wider community saw that these Christians cared about them and so relationships started to improve.

Nowadays the church is a channel of all sorts of blessing.  Inspired and trained through church and community transformation, the church has worked with the community to start goat rearing, beekeeping and vegetable growing as ways to improve their lives.  Shyam demonstrates making bricks using hand-worked machines for sale at 60 rupees (45p) per brick.  The church has also worked to repair and upgrade the local road so that the vehicle that collects milk can access the area even in the monsoon.  When asked what keeps him persevering Pastor Kancha Bahadur says ‘I want to be like Jesus, caring for the poor and being part of their struggles’.

With local elections looming the community have strongly encouraged Pastor Kancha Bahadur to stand for election as Ward Chairperson.  He’s come some way from being seen as ‘a disease’! Praise God.

*Names changed to protect privacy.